Farm Walk + Picnic

Take a break and come relax at the farm with this two hour experience!

Tours are in part guided by my sons Dylan (8) and Blake (10). 

This guided farm adventure begins with a walk down the path of our pasture field with a stop to see our lambs and sheep, chickens, laying hens, pheasants and turkeys. 
A turn down the path leads you to our field garden where almost all of our organically grown veggies are grown.  
Over the river, up towards the house is our magical outdoor dining site over looking the quarry. 
The farm walk ends in our “pretty garden” of flowers and produce, the ducks and geese swimming in the quarry and any baby chicks keeping safe in the “chick trailer”.  

Picnics will take place in your choosing:     Our outdoor dining site (licensed) or in the field at sheep look out.  Both provide some shade and seating at a table or picnic table.  

Price is per person, all ages for groups 1-4. Please inquire for pricing for groups larger than 4 people.  

Enjoy a GRAZE box of goodies including:

Salad Rolls with Peanut Dipping,

Sourdough Bread, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Goats Cheese Truffles, Lynn River Farm Honey,

Herlick’s Summer Sausage, Veggies + Fruit. 
Sweet Treats. 

Drinks included.

Kid friendly boxes available.